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Bible Study Workbook

Written by Pastor Jessie L. Dudley 

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This Bible Workbook is dedicated to the


                            TEACHER, MINISTERS, AND OVERSEERS
God’s grace and favor has come to all men. His redemption purchased us an incorruptible inheritance.
The inheritance is spelled out in the Holy Scriptures. This book will emphasize the need to continue in
the scriptures daily with devotions and prayer. Individuals and families will be able to develop a strong
foundation in the Word of God, which is the beginning of growing up in Christ.
We cannot be presumptuous about what anyone knows, or what one has learned in respective churches.
Every Christian has not been given a foundation to grow up in Christ Jesus. Our objective is to help the
believer to know who he/she is in Christ and the work one has to do until Jesus returns for His church,
His Body.
The following lesson will provide the teacher and student with an accurate understanding of the will of
God for every life in Christ Jesus. These lessons will help families to draw closer to God, the Father,
God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit. These lessons will take the mysticism out of Christianity and
establish one in faith and truth.
I have seen such tremendous change in families as they have heard the Word of God and obeyed it.
Therefore, I desire that you will have even greater results with and every presentation. My prayer is
that your pleasure in teaching these lessons will exceed your greatest expectations.
Pray at least once a week for the attendees (saints and unbelievers) of your bible study. Paul prayed
continuously for those in his care. You will have great results when you pray that Christ be formed in
your students; pray that Christ will keep them from stumbling and failing until His return. Pray that
your people will grow in wisdom, revelation knowledge of Jesus Christ, and that they be rooted and
grounded in God’s love. (Eph 1: 17-20; 3: 14-21; Phil 1:4-11; 2: 12-13).
Please keep attendance records in the back of your manual of families, members, and visitors. Make a
notation of New Births (born again); infilling of the Holy Spirit; Child dedications; a list of those
desiring water baptism; even keep records of manifested healings and miracles. Encourage people to
share their testimonies of their miracles.
Encourage everyone to study these lessons in between classes for greater understanding. Man shall not
live by bread alone, but feed on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. We are to speak the
word in season and out of season. (Matt. 4:4; Deuteronomy 6:4-9; 8:3,5). The word of God will work
for the believer as it works for God if one speaks it in faith.
These lessons may be completed within 16 weeks, but the time may be extended or reduced if the
teacher sees a need.

Meet Pastor Jessie L. Dudley 

Rev. Jessie L. Dudley, pastor of Watch & Pray Christian Church, is a mighty woman of God. She is gifted of God for teaching the uncompromising doctrine of righteousness in Jesus Christ. Over the past 40 years she has worked in Christian Education with college, secondary, elementary as well as secular education. She began her ministry in the Baptist church as an evangelist and Prayer warrior. Pastor Dudley has been ordained to pastor for over 22 years. She has served as senior pastor for 20 years. God has used her in teaching and preaching His Word with signs following. In 1983 she received a diploma from New Life Bible School, Cleveland TN. During her ministry and training she has worked with Vicki Jamison-Peterson, Dr. Kenneth Hagin, Sr., Dr. Norvel  Hayes and others. Her life is lived as a perpetual student of the Holy Spirit Under Grace and Truth.

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                                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS

I. SALVATION                                                                                                               PG. 11
                            WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ONE WHO                                           
                            HAS RECEIVED JESUS AS SAVIOR
II. THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THE POWER TO LIVE HOLY                                   PG. 15
                            A SPIRIT FILLED LIFE AND THE
                            WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT
III. THE INTEGRITY OF GOD’S WORD                                                                  PG. 21
                            KNOW THAT GOD CAN NOT LIE AND
                            THE BELIEVER CAN TRUST GOD’S
                            WORD AS ONE WOULD TRUST GOD
IV  FAITH                                                                                                                       PG. 25
                            TRUSTING GOD; RELYING ON GOD;                                              
                            OBEYING GOD

 V  PRAYER                                                                                                                    PG. 29 
                            CONTINUALLY COMMUNE WITH GOD                                       

VI  OBEDIENCE                                                                                                            PG.33
                            A DEMONSTRATION THAT ONE LOVES                                        
                            JESUS, THE LORD.
VII  CHURCH MEMBERSHIP                                                                                    PG. 35
                            FOR EDIFICATION, ENCOURAGEMENT, GROWTH                    

VIII  GIVING                                                                                                                  PG. 37
                            RELEASING THE CHARACTER AND NATURE                             
                            OF GOD IN THE BELIEVER’S LIFE
IX  HEALTH AND HEALING                                                                                      PG. 41
                            GOD’S NATURE AND PROVISION FOR                                        
                            SOUNDNESS THROUGH BLESSINGS.
X  WHAT IS SIN?                                                                                                          PG. 45
                            DEFINITION OF SIN / FREEDOM FROM                                        
XI  BAPTISM                                                                                                                 PG. 49
                            CHRIST’S BODY; HOLY SPIRIT; WATER IMMERSION.              

XII. CHILD DEDICATION                                                                                          PG. 53
                            PARENTS RESPONSIBILTY TO GOD AND CHILDREN              

XIII  RAPTURE                                                                                                             PG. 57
                            WHAT GOD SAYS ABOUT CATCHING AWAY                           
XIV  LOVE                                                                                                                      PG. 59
                            GOD’S LOVE EMPOWERS HIS KINGDOM                                   
RECORD AND REPORT SHEET                                                                               PG. 63
GLOSSARY                                                                                                                    PG. 65
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E-Book Price: $19.95 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE  ( 51 Pages )

         Answer Key Price: $5.95 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE  ( 18 Pages )


Get Both the Bible Study Wookbook and the Answer Key e:books

Both for only $24.00  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE  ( 69 Pages )




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